commercial energy upgrades to make in california

Taking steps to conserve the energy consumption of your commercial property is not only good for the environment but also directly affects your bottom line. Energy efficiency isn’t just a good idea for your business; it’s also required by the state of California’s Title 24. So, what are the commercial upgrades you can make to your business to decrease your carbon footprint, reduce your energy costs, and stay compliant?

What is Title 24?

California is currently on track to use 100% renewable energy by the year 2045. Part of this groundbreaking initiative is to ensure that all new and existing construction is up to efficient building performance standards, and that any changes to heating and cooling equipment meet certain energy efficiency requirements.

We have further decoded Title 24 here.


Are you in the process of designing and building a new commercial property? Get ahead of the game with your energy efficiency, and start planning for a better performing building. We Green helps builders and contractors alike better plan for energy efficiency (and aggressive energy goals) through our Title 24 Consulting & Field Verifications.  This includes energy modeling and third party recommendations on how you can best meet your energy goals.


There are many upgrades you can make to your existing property to increase your building performance, beginning with your HVAC system. Outdated heating alone can account for 25% of all electricity use in commercial buildings, even here in sunny California. An inefficient heating or cooling system could be costing you money each and every day, and you could be at risk of being non-compliant! At We Green, we insist that you receive the most bang for your buck when it comes to investing in new heating and cooling equipment and will recommend the latest in energy efficient technology. This comes with many benefits, including:

  • Reliable temperatures for your employees
  • Greater humidity control
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Reduced heating & cooling costs

Understanding your current building performance begins with We Green’s ENERGY STAR Benchmarking. One of our building performance specialists will give you a detailed report on how much energy your facility is using, how it stacks up compared to similar facilities, recommendations on how to lower your utility costs and increase your energy efficiency, and if you are eligible for an ENERGY STAR certification.


If you have recently updated the heating and cooling equipment in your commercial building, you may need to make sure it is Title 24/ HERS verified. Call We Green and put all of your compliance worries behind you, because we will make sure your HERS rater is scheduled and ready with all the necessary paperwork from start to finish. You can even schedule a job and check on your status using our online portal, the Green Room. This kind of full service when it comes to your Title 24 compliance is unprecedented, and we pride ourselves on being the premiere experts in California energy efficiency and code compliance, including the Bay Area, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Save more energy this year and leave your permitting and HERS ratings to the experts at We Green!

Lower the operating costs of your commercial property and stay compliant with We Green! HERS verification and energy planning from start to finish. Call (888) 991-4377 or contact us today.

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