“it’s uncomplicated”: expedited permitting services with wegreen

If you’re like most contractors, you didn’t get into the business of building so that you could do a bunch of paperwork. The unfortunate reality for California contractors is that oftentimes, building permits and documentation are neglected until the last minute, and end up complicating the process.

Now, you may have already heard about We Green’s permitting services, and how our experts will pull all necessary mechanical and electrical permits with local building departments, file all documentation with the state and local authorities, and more. But when you need your permitting done right now, we also offer expedited permitting services that include:

  • City-specific document submission
  • Pulling all necessary permits (including HVAC)
  • HERS testing/Title 24 verification report filing
  • Clear, dependable communication throughout the process


When you need California building permits and you need them now, We Green will expedite your them and keep you informed at every step of the way. Have you been up late at a build site? You can check in on the status of your expedited permitting at any time of day or night, with our Green Room portal.

Leaving your permitting to the experienced professionals will ensure that you do not incur any penalties that cut at your bottom line, and expediting them leaves more time to get to the mission-critical tasks that require your attention.


With each new project and each new client comes a fresh set of tasks to juggle — like managing client expectations and design requests, employee certifications and scheduling, maintaining any necessary equipment — the list can go on and on. All of these hurdles to breaking ground on a new project can steal the your focus and make day one of construction feel that much further off.  And when you have a deadline fast approaching, wrapping up all of your building permits in a timely manner is essential to staying on schedule.

As time sensitive projects wrap up, scheduling a verified HERS rater can be a real pain if it has been left to the last minute. Putting the final bow on a project means you can properly move onto the next build. When you can take your permits and Title 24 compliance off of your plate, you can nimbly move from project to project.


We are a solution-based and action-oriented group of California compliance experts, and our singular goal is to make the process of adhering to California energy and building codes as easy as possible for commercial and residential contractors. We will provide you with a defined path to success, and with our expedited permitting you can get back to building as quickly as possible. We strive to exceed your expectations. You’ll be amazed you didn’t find WeGreen sooner!

When you need your California building permit, and you need it now—expedite it with We Green! Schedule your contractor support services today. Call us at888-504-0376 or contact us.

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