renovating your home? you will need a hers verification!

Have you been thinking about finally adding on to your kitchen, or turning part of of the backyard into a bonus bedroom? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to add a bathroom onto your home, so the kids can finally have their own shower? Whatever the case for your home renovation or add-on, don’t forget to include scheduling a HERS verification in your renovation plans! Even if your home is currently compliant with California’s energy codes, you will need to verify that your home remains compliant after your renovation is complete. 


Title 24 from the California Energy Commission sets forth the energy efficiency requirements for all residential and commercial buildings, which applies to both new construction and existing buildings. You will be required to verify your Title 24 compliance if you are making any changes or additions to your:

  • Building envelope (the separation between your living space & the outdoor air)

  • Heating, cooling & water equipment (including your duct system)

  • Light fixtures & lighting controls

  • Square footage 

Verifying your Title 24 compliance requires multiple documents, and a lot of paperwork on top of HERS verification from a certified HERS rater. So how can you tell when you will need to worry about your Title 24 compliance?


No matter what stage of your home remodeling project you are at, the Title 24 experts at We Green can help you with your energy code compliance. Even if you are just in the planning stages of your renovation, out team can help you determine if you renovation will require a HERS verification, schedule any required verifications at your convenience and even keep you updated on the status of your compliance. This ensures that you don’t waste any time or money while juggling the many aspects of your renovation project! 


Another benefit to bringing in a Title 24 consultant like We Green for your home renovations is the expert energy advice.  We can help you take your compliance to the next level, by making targeted home improvement recommendations based on the way your home is actually performing. . With this data, we can recommend building envelope improvements, suggest heating and cooling equipment that will operate more efficiently, as well as any other improvements that will boost your overall home comfort and reduce your energy costs. 


If you are confused about Title 24 and how it affects your home renovation project, you’re not alone. Title 24 has intimidated homeowners from San Diego all the way up to the Bay Area, which is why countless Californians have chosen We Green for their Title 24 project. If you are looking to keep your California compliance as easy as possible, bring in the We Green team. 

Clear up your compliance confusion. Get in touch with We Green and put your Title 24 worries to rest!  Call us at (888) 991-4377 or contact us today.

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