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Twice a year, the We Green team loads up the car with bagels and coffee and takes our HERS and LEED expertise on the road. These free bi-annual trainings provide both your new and veteran employees the opportunity to learn about any changes or updates in the California energy efficiency codes for HVAC contractors, builders, and commercial property owners in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento and the Bay Area.


The goal of these complimentary on site trainings is to help your future construction projects and installations go as smoothly as possible. Just because all of your projects were compliant last year does not mean that the codes and standards are the same this year! Staying updated on the changes to HERS verifications and other HVAC related codes requires a continuing effort to stay educated. With We Green, you can rest easy knowing you will never be left behind as the compliance standards are updated.


Soon we’ll hit the road for Spring Training so that you are prepared for the busy summer season, and again in the fall so you have everything you need going into your end of the year projects. When it comes to compliance, the earlier you have the information, the better. Don’t wait until the end of the building phase before you know what issues may arise with your HERS compliance — with We Green’s free on site training, you can gain access to all the information you need in order to stay compliant from start to finish.
we green on site training


We Green will come to your company site early in the morning (bagels and coffee in hand), to educate your crew before a full day of projects starts. This gets your entire team on the same page, so that your compliant HVAC installation goes like clockwork. With our help, you will never fail a HERS verification again, by getting it right the first time!  Call (888) 991-4377 to schedule a date on your calendar for this spring, slots fill up fast!
Interested in a complimentary on site compliance training from the experts at We Green? Call us today at (888) 991-4377 or contact us before your next project.

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