LEED Certification

We Green Energy Solutions provides sustainable design and testing solutions that help clients optimize energy use and improve building performance. When clients are seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, our certified energy specialists offer energy modeling, design strategies, testing, and full-service consulting expertise to complete your LEED certification.

Benefits of Green Construction

LEED-certified homes and commercial facilities use between 30 and 60% less energy than other structures, and 42% of them fall into the “affordable housing” sector. They are also:
  • Constructed for energy efficiency & utility savings
  • Tested to minimize air leakage & water usage
  • Built to be eco-friendly & sustainable
  • Designed to assure indoor comfort
  • Healthier due to improved indoor air quality (IAQ)


To help you achieve and sustain LEED certification, We Green energy specialists provide the following competitively priced services for new and existing construction:
  • Energy audits & HERS testing
  • Title 24 verification & document filing
  • LEED project management
  • Site assessments & project submittals
  • ENERGY STAR certification processes
  • Recommendations for energy upgrades
  • Residential & commercial LEED expertise
  • IAQ testing & consulting
  • Technical support


LEED certification is a whole-building approach to reducing carbon emissions, lowering energy bills, and creating healthier indoor environments. To discuss your LEED project, request HERS testing, or speak with a certified energy specialist about your commercial or residential consulting needs, call 888.991.4377 or email our team.

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