PACE Financing Assistance

California’s PACE programs stand for Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). They are an easy, effective way to finance energy efficiency and water conservation upgrades for commercial and industrial buildings. PACE Financing allows facility owners to upgrade heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, PV panels, insulation, lighting improvements, and more—without paying out of pocket. Instead, commercial property professionals receive upfront financing for these sustainability initiatives. Over time, they pay for them through their property’s real estate tax bill.
PACE upgrades enhance indoor comfort and productivity, and also are proven to increase property value and lower monthly utility bills for long-term savings.

Partner with the California PACE Experts

We Green Energy Solutions can assist commercial and industrial property professionals with California’s many Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs. These programs include:
PACE programs are complex to understand, and the application process is tedious. We Green simplifies the application process, manages all submissions, and conducts all testing and verifications—so you can get back to work.

Benefits of PACE Financing

Advantages of California’s PACE financing programs for commercial facilities and businesses include competitive interest rates, significant utility savings, and repayment plans of up to 20 years.
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