spring cleaning: a hers compliance resolution for your home

It’s the beginning of not just a new year, but a new decade. Are you planning big things for your home this year? Perhaps you are hoping to finally upgrade your heating and cooling system for energy savings and increased comfort. Or maybe you are planning to sell your current house, and preparing the plans for the new construction of your dream home.

Whatever your plans are for the spring of 2020, make sure to include HERS testing to stay compliant with California’s energy codes!


The energy compliance guidelines set forth by California’s Title 24 energy code and the California Energy Commission (CEC) require that any change to insulation, air sealing, or heating and cooling equipment is properly verified by a Home Energy Ratings System (HERS) test. A HERS test will verify both the efficiency of the equipment you are installing as well as its proper installation.

The CEC also requires that a home has a HERS inspection before it can be sold, to help protect homebuyers from hidden underlying home performance issues, and to keep more homes up to the Title 24 California code of regulations. So, setting your plans to get your Title 24 report finished at the beginning of the year can save you time down the line!

Worried your home may have fallen out of compliance? We Green has been in the business of home energy rating services for over a decade. We know what it will take to get your home or business compliant from the get go, so you don’t have to waste time and money scheduling multiple test dates and Title 24 calculations.


At We Green, we handle your HERS verification and Title 24 certification from start to finish. It starts with scheduling a testing time at your convenience, with our team. We will then put together a plan based on your particular code compliance needs, provide you with any consulting advice you may need in order to make sure you pass your compliance test the first time, and then we will complete your HERS test.

Each HERS Test will include a thorough inspection and testing of the following systems:

  • Heating & cooling systems
  • Ductwork & ventilation
  • Building envelope
  • Lighting, insulation, windows & doors
  • Domestic hot water heating systems

During the entire process, you will be able to check in on the status of your HERS verification 24/7, in our online portal called the Green Room.


It’s never any fun to scramble at the last minute trying to find a “HERS rater near me” so that you can sell your home or finish replacing your air conditioning system. If you are looking to make your next home energy upgrade here in California go as smoothly as possible, or are just looking to learn what HERS testing costs, We Green has the combined knowledge, experience, and unparalleled customer service to handle just about everything you need in regards to your Title 24 HVAC and HERS requirements.

Selling your home this year? Plan ahead for your Title 24 compliance, and schedule your HERS test with We Green. Call us with all of your HERS questions at (888) 991-4377, or get in touch here.

Do you have a plan for staying compliant with Title 24 this year?

We’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat. (888) 991-4377

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