why do homeowners need hers tests and hers verifications?

The Importance of a HERS Test or HERS Verification

What does HERS stand for?

HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System Index, which rates the energy performance of buildings.

Why do I need a HERS Test or Verification?

According to the California Title 24 Energy Code standards, HERS tests or HERS verifications are required to close out permits for most types of energy upgrades for residential and non-residential construction.

Who performs a HERS Test or HERS Verification?

In order to comply with CA Title 24 Energy Code, HERS ratings and verifications must be performed by a neutral, third-party energy rating company, like We Green. This is why your contractor cannot perform the HERS Test or HERS Verification—a third-party is necessary.

What do We Green’s HERS Raters Do During a HERS Test or Verification?

To verify that your energy upgrades meet Title 24 California energy code, our HERS raters can conduct field inspections and diagnostic testing of your home energy performance and equipment. Working directly with contractors, We Green HERS raters may evaluate:

  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Ductwork and Ventilation
  • Building Envelope
  • Lighting, Insulation, Windows and Doors
  • Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems

Sometimes the HERS rater simply needs to verify that all construction is compliant with California Title 24 Energy Code, so may not perform any tests, but will physically inspect through a HERS Verification.

What Happens After We Green Performs a HERS Test or HERS Verification?

Once inspections are complete, We Green processes final documents, submits certifications, and assures compliance with California energy codes so your home or renovation project can pass necessary building inspections.

Why Should I Choose We Green to Perform My HERS Test or HERS Verification?

The We Green Team is HERS Certified, and having performed thousands of HERS Tests and Verifications, also one of the most experienced teams in the industry. We provide quality assurance and support to comply with all California requirements. We are a third-party energy efficiency company that works seamlessly with homeowners and contractors to ensure all building inspections pass, and that the scope of work was correctly installed.

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